You are the perfect you!

You are you!

You laugh, smile, cry, get angry and feel scared. It is okay. It makes you, you.

You don’t need to be anybody else but you because there is nobody else but you.

Your flaws mixed with your strengths molds the person you are and the person you are, is who the world needs to know not necessarily accept.

Your body can be modified with how you eat, exercise, sleep, grow and take care of yourself while your soul explains more of the person you are.

You only need to love yourself to bring yourself out of the shackles of insecurity you have bound yourself with. Let the person you are roam this world with confidence.

The world does not define you, he does. You are who you are with the heir as your maker.

You don’t need to be the perfect person the society as painted as perfect. You just need to be the person that he has created and you are perfect.

You grow every day and improve in character and behaviour to become the perfect you he has called you to be.

Correct your correct able flaws, accept who he has made you to be and that is the perfect you. Finally, love the person you are, take your best shot at life for we only live once.

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